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Wistron Medical Technology (WMT) is a full-service professional design and contract manufacturing company for medical device and life science instrumentation. We are wholly owned by Wistron Corporation, one of the largest original design manufacturers (ODM) in the world. To date, we have successfully delivered a broad portfolio of products, including Point-of- Testing (POCT) instruments, real-time qPCR systems, optical & imaging devices, patient monitoring wearables, bio-lab instruments, and full-body exoskeleton systems.

Your Trusted End-to-End Supply Chain Partner for Medical Device and Life Science Instruments

Our manufacturing services

Supply Chain Management

  • Supplier selection 

  • Supplier performance management

  • Lead time analysis

  • Single/sole sourced parts analysis

  • Demand & delivery management


  • NPI prototyping

  • Full Transition plan 

  • Production resource preparation

  • Production process control

Assembly / Fulfillment

  • Small volume pilot-run

  • PCBA

  • High level assembly

  • Component traceability

  • High-mix low-volume & 
    low-mix high volume 

  • Function long-run test

  • Packing

  • Direct order fulfillment

  • 3rd party fulfillment

  • Failure analysis

Advanced Solutions

  • Robotics, fluidics, optical assembly

  • Automated inspection / assembly / testing / packing / logistic

  • Test program development

  • Customized production data collection

  • Advanced global after-sales service


Fotune Global 500

Forbes Global 2000

About Wistron Corporation

Operations in over 30 countries

Over 82,000 dedicated employees

Revenue of $29 B in 2019

Established in 2001, Wistron Corporation is one of the world’s largest suppliers of information and communication technology products (ICT). A leading ODM and EMS partner, Wistron provides state of the art product design, manufacturing, service, and systems, for many of the world’s top technology companies. Wistron has operation and service footprints across Asia, Europe, and America, with headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan.

Design and Engineering Capabilities

Mechanical Design
• Computer aided simulations
• Ingress protection design
• Packing design
• Injection molding & machining
Electrical Engineering
• Power supplies
• PCB design
• Control systems
• Radio frequency  
• Wireless design
User research 
& industrial design
• User studies
• Human factors engineering
• Rapid prototyping
• Color / Material / Surface  
Firmware design
• MCU firmware development
• RTOS integration
• System verification software   
& industrial design
• Cross-platform application 
• Graphical user interfaces
• Cloud application
• AI expert system development 
• User studies
• Human factors engineering
• Rapid prototyping
• Color / Material / Surface  

Some Product Experience 

spartan knockout.png
BOSS product kockout.png
Optical Coherence Tomography
btemia kockout.png
Vitals Gateway
Rapid Influenza
Diagnostic Test​​
Rare Cell Detection
EEG Wearable

Our Locations

Hsinchu, Taiwan


  • FDA compliant

  • Clean rooms

  • GMP

  • ISO 13485

  • ISO 9001

Hsinchu, Taiwan


Taipei HQ, Taiwan

Design & Engineering 

Taipei HQ, Taiwan

Design & Engineering 

  • ISO 13485

  • ISO 9001

  • IVD lab

  • Rehab lab

  • EE, ME, SW labs

  • Reliability testing

  • Rapid prototyping

Chongqing, China  


Chongqing, China  


  • GMP

  • ISO 13485

  • ISO 9001

  • CMD GB/T19001

  • CMD YY-T0287

  • FDA compliant

  • Clean rooms

Why Wistron Corporation

  • Highest quality standards and experienced teams

  • Supply chain power; over $20 billion USD spent per year

  • Comprehensive design & engineering services

  • Low-cost sites

  • Willingness to “think out of the box”

  • Superior customer service

global logistic-01.jpg
WMIH TEST-01.jpg

Contact Us and Tell Us your Inquiry

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Contact Kian Meftah,

Vice President of Business Development,

Cell: +1(408)744-2416 (California, U.S.A).

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